Lower unemployment has huge impacts on the local community. Like increased buying power in neighborhoods, lower government spending, and overall individual health tends to improve.

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How We Help...

We work with community organizations on building capacity. This allows organizations to spend more time supporting their constituents.

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Joel is helping me with strategic planning for my organization. Very insightful and has a great way of pulling out information and thoughts and weaving them together to create a logical strategy and plan. Highly recommend him. MARK LEWIS, PRESIDENT AND CEO POISE FOUNDATION

Fundraising Training

Do you find yourself spending too much time finding money as opposed to supporting the community? Or are you worried about what happens if you were to lose one of your larger grants? We can help you create a system that will get the results you need to be successful.

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Joel gave a completely different perspective of the sales process and what it can be to be in sales. The fear we face is our own views and beliefs about sales and sales people. Rejection is not personal, it has nothing to do with you. Persistence is needed because it is a numbers game. You will find your customer with the right attitude and a willingness to persist. CHARLES E.


Management Training

Are you short on time to supervise your team or coach your top performers? Are your meetings accomplishing the objectives that you seek? Do you struggle with bringing in the right people. We can help you create strong management processes to make your leadership responsibilities effective and efficient.

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